Good things happen over time. Great things happen in a moment. Seize the moment!

Jolene Brackey began her career as an interior designer after graduating from Iowa State University. But she soon realized that she derived great joy from helping people improve the interiors of their lives, rather than their homes. When she left her interior design job, the first job available was in an Alzheimer’ special care unit as an activity director. She didn’t know what Alzheimer’s was but she knew she liked older people. Before long, she realized that God had given her a gift. She found ways to create positive outcomes and moments of joy for the individuals with the disease, their loved ones, and professional caregivers.

Eager to share her practical solutions and insights, Jolene began speaking at educational seminars. Her message of hope, encouragement-along with generous helpings of humor-was warmly embraced by family members and professional caregivers alike. So, she established a business, Enhanced Moments, to help guide people through the Alzheimer’s journey.

Jolene found affirmation of her calling in many ways, including this story:

Two years after I started my business, my mom found a heart I made in Sunday school when I was 7. On the heart I wrote: “Love is . . . knowing Jesus, helping Mom and Dad, helping make the bed, and helping old people.”
God has planted this gift and prepared me for this journey. I encourage all people, young and old, to discover your gift and use it to make a difference in the lives of others.

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