Tidbits – It’s Saturday Night

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Enhanced Dining

The following are many wonderful tidbits I receive from families and caregivers. If you have found a "nugget" please email me and I will pass it on. Thank you to all who spread the joy!

My Uncle refused to take a shower so we worked in the garden together I did everything to get him filthy dirty, and proceeded to hose him down. It worked.

Hi Jolene,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing “Creating Moments of Joy”. While reading this book I had several “Aha” moments where I recognized several things my mother-in-law is doing or saying. Other times, it opened my eyes on how I should handle other issues that would come up. I have been my mother-in-laws daughter-in-law, daughter, sister, and best friend. I also have been the hired girl who she has wanted to pay for helping her. She was raised on a farm and still lives on the farm. She had several hired girls that helped her through the years.

In additional, I have been the crazy girl who is awful! Yes, that was when I was attempting to help her remove her pants so she could change her underpants. Something I have done for months. Only this time, I got a “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”. I quickly learned you ask EACH TIME if they need help and not just assume they do. My mother-in-law said to the lady in the bathroom mirror “I really shouldn’t say anything, but that girl is AWFUL! She’s crazy! She tried taking my pants!”. Of course, 15 minutes later, I was her best friend again.

Thank you for making me realize we am not alone in this, my family is not alone in this, and there can be many moments of joy in the future.


Where’s the Outhouse?
Staff are wondering how to handle a resident who is urinating all over the halls, in baskets etc?

How did he say I gotta use the bathroom. “I gotta take a piss” “I got see a man about a horse.” Where’s the two holer? In other words if you can figure out his terminology you can trigger him every two hours. More importantly men have had a lifetime of peeing wherever they want to. So you may just want to be glad when he hits a basket and have more baskets to hit. When he is peeing in a basket he still identifies with a hole (outhouse, urinal) so you may want to make the toilet water blue so he sees the hole. Or a black toilet seat may help him identify the hole. Girly posters in the bathroom give him a reason to go in there or a poster of his favorite car behind the toilet. If all that fails. A Jump suit so he cannot undo his pants independently. He’ll need someones help. Or maybe even suspenders if he has never wore them because then he wouldn’t be able to pull his pants down so quickly, giving staff more time to respond.

To get someone to brush their teeth, tell them you talked with their dentist and he said what a great job they are doing.