Tidbits – Enhanced Dining

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Enhanced DiningThe following are many wonderful tidbits I receive from families and caregivers. If you have found a "nugget" please email me and I will pass it on. Thank you to all who spread the joy!

Bob has always found joy in tipping waitresses and treating others to meals. He would become distressed when didn’t have money so I asked him to come to my office to order checks. On the Internet are several sites to download “void not real check”. He remembered his address so we printed out checks which he carried around in his wallet and would order his whiskey “diet coke” with a bar straw. He was also worried about his balance so I made up and printed out a bank with amount that made him feel secure.
Carrie Eckert
Sunset Knoll Care Center

Bullying as real in care communities as much as in schools. We addressed this resident council and encourage them to perform acts of kindness. Inviting people to sit, stopping to chat, dropping a card of encouragement….when we saw we rewarded the resident with free guest meal, free haircut, took them “out” for coffee, wrote them personal notes of thanks. We keep everyone informed of bullying incidences and continue to educate on how this is a real problem…even amongst our seniors.
Maple Ridge Assisted Living

After admitting my dad to long term care he didn’t want to go to the dining room for meals. He and Mother often ate out when he was still at home so Mother told him the room was a “Restaurant”. She also told him she had paid in advance- so now he has no problems at meal times now. He goes willingly to the “Restaurant” and knows it has been “paid for”.
Cindy Burke Litwiler
(Billy’s daughter)