Tidbits – Creating A Safe Haven

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Creating Moments of JoyIf you have any tidbits about creating a safe haven, please email me and I will pass it on. Thank you to all who spread the joy!

Ralph was claiming someone took his wife’s purse (his wife was no longer living). I pretended to call the police and printed out a blank police report I found on the web. Took it to Ralph and he filled it out and I told him I would give it to the police. The nurses were amazed the cause he quit bothering them about someone taking his wife’s purse.
Aurelia, IA

Recently my grandpa was in the ICU with an infection (which can cause some confusion as you know). I am so glad I was there when the nurse took my grandma into a room (away from our huge family) to discuss the fact that the nurse felt that he had alzheimer’s! I was confident in telling her that she was off-base and that I had an idea that might help.

Grandpa had been talking about those people ‘watching’ him and was getting more and more worried about it. It turns out that I noticed a mirror over the sink at the foot of the bed -and he didn’t have his glasses! Your tidbits on mirrors popped into my head and I said “grab me a towel!”

Once the towel was hung over the mirror, the “paranoid delusions” the nurse thought he had vanished!

Thank you, Jolene, thank you from the bottom of my heart.