2007 Calendar

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Creating Moments of Joy
Creating Moments Of Joy
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May 8th CNA Conference Health Care Association of Michigan (public) Novi, MI
Contact: Laura Fuller 517-627-1561

May 9th CNA Conferenece HCAM (public) Gaylord, Michigan
Contact: Laura Fuller 517-627-1561

May 10th CNA Conference HCAM (public) Lansing, Michigan
Contact: Laura Fuller 517-627-1561

May 21st Oregon Alliance Conference (public) Redmond, Oregon
Contact: Karen Greeney 503-684-3788

May 22- 23rd The Woods at Willow Creek (public) Salem, Oregon
Contact: Linda Fortune 503-581-4239

June 7th CNA Conference (public) Osceola, Wisconsin
Contact: Tonya Vanderwest 715-294-5682

June 18th Fort Madison Community Hospital (public) Fort Madison, Iowa
Contact: Jill Smith 319-376-2223

June 28th 2nd Annual Social Workers & Activities Conference Boyne Falls, Michigan
Contact: Laura Fuller 517-627-1561

Sept. 18th Alzheimer’s Association Conference (public) Dallas, Texas
Contact: Patti Dickson 214-827-0062

Sept: 25th Arden Courts (public) Towson, Maryland
Contact: Stacy Buckley 410-847-9400

Sept. 26th Brightview Communities (public) Baltimore, Maryland
Contact: Meg McMahan 410-385-8469

Sept 27th Maryland Activities Conference Cumberland, Maryland
Contact: Gail Snyder 240-420-4238

Oct. 9th Joint Provider Conference Novi, Michigan
Contact: Roxanne Perry 517-241-2631

Oct 11th Country House (public) Dickinson, North Dakota

Contact: Tina Rivinius 701-483-2266

Oct 12th Alzheimer’s Association Conference (public) Bismarck, North Dakota
Contact: Kristi Keller 701-258-4933

October 23rd NCALA Conference Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Contact: Kathy Rodger 919-467-2486

October 24th The Haven & The Laurels (public) Charlotte, North Carolina
Contact: Stacy Carter 704-778-4031

October 25th The Havens Columbia & Greenville, South Carolina
Contact: Gail Stokes 864-770-8772

November 1st Defining Hope Alzheimer’s Association Conf. Topika, Kansas
Contact: Cindy Miller 785-271-1844